Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elena’s Father: Meeting El-Aura

Elena’s father left his village and started traveling north.  He didn’t know where he was going but this direction just “felt right”.  He tried to stay out of the nearby villages since he mother would sometimes go there if they were in great need of a healer.  After several hours of walking in the darkness his stomach began to grumble he tried to catch small animals such as a skigle or a pigit but both the animals evaded his grasp.  He was forced to rely on roots and berries for fill his ravenous stomach.  He traveled for months sometimes doubting the reason he left home and wondering why he didn’t go back.  One evening he had followed a skigle near the El-Quaral woods when he heard a noise so he ventured closer.
 “Get away from me” he heard coming from the woods.  Unsheathing the old sword that had once belonged to his father he rushed toward the screaming woman.  There were two scruffy looking men each holding onto an arm.  The woman’s head was covered with an animal skin bag so she couldn’t see her attackers.  “Let her go” shouted the boy as he raised his sword above his head and charged at the scruffy men.  The men not knowing the boy had no fighting experience had mistaken him for a warrior let the girl go and ran off into the woods.  “Are you alright” he asked her removing the bag from her head.  Staring back at him were the most beautiful soft purple eyes he had ever seen “You” he whispered.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elena’s Father: Early Life

Elena’s father was raised in a poor village in El-Tepora named Vitan he was the only son to the village healer.  His own father had passed away when he was young from a Dragadon attack so he was raised acquiring the knowledge to heal the villagers.  However, he had no desire to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become the next healer of the village, he wanted to do more.  When he could escape his mother’s teachings he would sit and watch the villager warriors practice often times picking up a stick mimicking their movements.  This mundane routine continued for sixteen years.

On the night of his sixteenth birthday after the celebration had ended he fell into a deep sleep.  It was at this time he dreamt about a beautiful blonde woman with soft purple eyes.  They were walking side by side in a garden filled with flowers and majestic statues.  Stopping she lay a hand on his wrist as their conversation continued before tears began to run down her cheek.  He wiped away the tears with a gloved hand while gazing into her eyes.

Sitting straight up in bed he thought about his dream and this beautiful woman.  Although he didn’t know what the conversation was about he felt it was important to both their futures.  He had never seen a woman so beautiful in his life and while he had dreamt of her he knew in his heart that she did exist and it was his destiny to find her.  Packing a small bag he crept into his mother’s room kissing her on the forehead and placing a small parchment next to her he wandered out into the cool night to find the blonde woman with soft purple eyes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The three trials of the Chosen one…

 Elena, the chosen one must undergo three trials if she is going to acquire the legendary weapon The Golden Staff.  The first trial will test her cunning and knowledge.  The second trial will test her faith to believe in herself and others.   The third and final trial will test her skill.
The First trial…Elena is thrust into a maze comprised of places that are familiar to her places where her worst fears come true.  She must learn to overcome those fears and conquer any obstacle that gets in her way.  But in the end the one person she must face in order to continue on is…herself.
The Second Trial…Elena learns about her past about the father she never knew.  She will see a glimpse of the future what will come to pass should her mission fail.  Elena will be tested by the Pillar of Light she will need to have complete faith in herself as well as the others around her.
The Third Trial…Elena being an ordinary girl from Earth has had no experience in battle yet she is thrust into a fight for her life and the Golden Staff.  She must overcome the Beast if she is to prove worthy of wielding The Golden Staff.
Have you ever had to overcome a trial to get something you wanted?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Beautiful and Deadly world of El-Tepora

Similar to our own world there are many things that make El-Tepora a beautiful place where people love to live. The green plains stretch as far as the eye can see while in the distance tall mountains raise up towering over the rest of the world. The forests of El-Tepora are more vibrant and alive playing host to a variety of creatures. El-Tepora is also a deadly place possessing a volcano which could cause great destruction if it were to erupt. The marshes which no native dare to enter since no one has every successful crossed them and the ever deadly desert that is slowly taking over this land. In the center of it all is the Gatekeeper the one man who maintains the five pillars making sure everything stays in balance

The beasts in El-Tepora are as different as the landscape of the world itself. Some of these beasts are loyal to the royal families while others have sided with the sorcerer’s in an attempt to destroy El-Tepora. Even seemingly innocent animals such as a fish can be deadly so a person must never let their guard down. While other beasts want to live peacefully with the humans they share the world with or even work for them in return for safety from their predators.

Is there something in your life that you find beautiful and/or deadly?