Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Beautiful and Deadly world of El-Tepora

Similar to our own world there are many things that make El-Tepora a beautiful place where people love to live. The green plains stretch as far as the eye can see while in the distance tall mountains raise up towering over the rest of the world. The forests of El-Tepora are more vibrant and alive playing host to a variety of creatures. El-Tepora is also a deadly place possessing a volcano which could cause great destruction if it were to erupt. The marshes which no native dare to enter since no one has every successful crossed them and the ever deadly desert that is slowly taking over this land. In the center of it all is the Gatekeeper the one man who maintains the five pillars making sure everything stays in balance

The beasts in El-Tepora are as different as the landscape of the world itself. Some of these beasts are loyal to the royal families while others have sided with the sorcerer’s in an attempt to destroy El-Tepora. Even seemingly innocent animals such as a fish can be deadly so a person must never let their guard down. While other beasts want to live peacefully with the humans they share the world with or even work for them in return for safety from their predators.

Is there something in your life that you find beautiful and/or deadly?

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