Friday, December 23, 2011

What I enjoy about writing

I have enjoyed writing since I was a child I was in middle school when I wrote my first short story only allowing my friends to read it.  Over the course of my child hood I have written about fifteen short stories but never made a move to get any of them published although it was my dream.  As I grew up I stopped writing stories and took to reading books soon I stopped reading to focus on my career.  One day I was thinking about what I really truly enjoyed doing and I remembered just how happy I was when I was writing a story entertaining others.  I thought of several potential story ideas when the Idea about a girl from Earth who travels to different worlds came to my mind. 
For me the most enjoyable part of writing is creating the story.  The story in a fiction book can be anything you can imagine characters can have special powers and animals can talk.  Events that could never happen in reality suddenly are possible and don’t seem strange at all.   As the story is written details slowly get revealed like the picture when putting together the puzzle and sometimes just when you think you have a person figured out they do something completely unexpected which makes you either like or hate that character even more. 
Tell me what do you enjoy most about reading a book?