Monday, July 22, 2013

First Story Ever Written

Growing up I was fascinated with R. L. Stine books and other authors of the teen horror/thriller genre.  Therefore, most of my early works have that spooky sort of air about them.   I first began writing when I was about 12 years old only allowing family and friends read them.  I didn’t have a computer at the time so they are all hand written and stored in a three prong folder which I still have.

My first story was titled The Zoo Mystery which tells about a tragedy that has happened fifty years ago in which the police were never able to solve.  Today a group of children hear the tale of the zoo mystery and take it upon their selves to find out what really happened.  With the aid of a supernatural wolf the children are able to discover the truth behind the tragedy and put the zoo mystery to rest.

From there I have written several other stories, fourteen in all which I plan to one day publish in a book of short stories.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elena’s Father: Fist part of his dream comes true

After five years of training with the palace guards perfecting every battle maneuver he was finally ready.  Today would be the day he would finally be inducted into the royal guard he would finally wear the uniform from his dream so many years ago.

“Your majesty”

He bowed as the queen entered his quarters. 

“No need to be so formal” she said smiling.

“We are old friends after all”

“Yes I know”

“I have come to congratulate you.  You have come a long way since the day we met”

She giggled

“Yeah.  To think back then I could barely hold a sword let alone fight with one.”


She smiled walking across the room

“Is everything ok?”

With a serious look on her face El-Aura turned to face him

“I wanted to ask you if have had any more dreams like the one you told me about several years ago” 


“So you still don’t know what we were talking about?”


“Are you even sure this dream will come to pass?” she asked

“Fairly certain.  I have had other dreams that told of future events and they have all come to fruition”

 “I am concerned why would we be walking in the garden together and why would I be crying?”

“I don’t know”

“Don’t do this.If you don’t become a royal guard then the dream will never happen.  I am happy here being a wife and queen I don’t want it taken away”

“I have to”

He wrapped his good friend in a hug

“It is our destiny”

He held her at arm’s length for a moment before kissing her gently on the cheek.  He then walked out of the room to join the other men for the ceremony.

The rest of the men who were to be knighted were already in the royal guard chambers when he arrived.  Taking his place in line behind the current captain they began to march out the door across the courtyard and to the steps of the castle where King El-Kawn and Queen El-Aura awaited them.  Raising his mighty sword the king said a brief speech before lowering the tip of his sword gently onto the back of each man.  When King El-Kawn was finished the current members of the Royal Guard gave the new members their green and gold uniforms.  Lying on top of his uniform was a pair of white gloves.  This was the exact outfit that he was wearing in his dream five years ago.  He was now closer to his destiny; a destiny that would claim his life but save worlds.