Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elena’s Father: Meeting El-Aura

Elena’s father left his village and started traveling north.  He didn’t know where he was going but this direction just “felt right”.  He tried to stay out of the nearby villages since he mother would sometimes go there if they were in great need of a healer.  After several hours of walking in the darkness his stomach began to grumble he tried to catch small animals such as a skigle or a pigit but both the animals evaded his grasp.  He was forced to rely on roots and berries for fill his ravenous stomach.  He traveled for months sometimes doubting the reason he left home and wondering why he didn’t go back.  One evening he had followed a skigle near the El-Quaral woods when he heard a noise so he ventured closer.
 “Get away from me” he heard coming from the woods.  Unsheathing the old sword that had once belonged to his father he rushed toward the screaming woman.  There were two scruffy looking men each holding onto an arm.  The woman’s head was covered with an animal skin bag so she couldn’t see her attackers.  “Let her go” shouted the boy as he raised his sword above his head and charged at the scruffy men.  The men not knowing the boy had no fighting experience had mistaken him for a warrior let the girl go and ran off into the woods.  “Are you alright” he asked her removing the bag from her head.  Staring back at him were the most beautiful soft purple eyes he had ever seen “You” he whispered.

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