Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The three trials of the Chosen one…

 Elena, the chosen one must undergo three trials if she is going to acquire the legendary weapon The Golden Staff.  The first trial will test her cunning and knowledge.  The second trial will test her faith to believe in herself and others.   The third and final trial will test her skill.
The First trial…Elena is thrust into a maze comprised of places that are familiar to her places where her worst fears come true.  She must learn to overcome those fears and conquer any obstacle that gets in her way.  But in the end the one person she must face in order to continue on is…herself.
The Second Trial…Elena learns about her past about the father she never knew.  She will see a glimpse of the future what will come to pass should her mission fail.  Elena will be tested by the Pillar of Light she will need to have complete faith in herself as well as the others around her.
The Third Trial…Elena being an ordinary girl from Earth has had no experience in battle yet she is thrust into a fight for her life and the Golden Staff.  She must overcome the Beast if she is to prove worthy of wielding The Golden Staff.
Have you ever had to overcome a trial to get something you wanted?

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